Mega minds leading the front

Rajesh Bernard

Founder & CEO

Rajesh Bernard drives complete business with special focus on Top line and bottom line, strategy, product marketing, sales, delivery and investor management

Vineet Patil

Chief Business

Vineet has previously cofounded and exited igaming websites in the UK and is also the Cofounder of LaundroKart, one of India's biggest laundry chains. Arrival of the pandemic changed the courses and Vineet is now building VOIZ

Sandeep Nyamati

Chief Tech

Sandeep has cofounded two companies in the past. One was an IT services co and the latest one is Livepinch, a customer engagement platform. Sandeep comes with 14 years in tech and is currently the primary technology architect of VOIZ

Ebenezer Julius

Chief Operations

Mr. Ebenezer Raja Julius, a.k.a Ebby is our Chief Operating Officer, heading up our Marketplace CX BPO, responsible for CX BPO Operations including new business due-diligence & set-up, CX Operations, BPO Governance, and Change Management - Transitions & Transformations.

Sanjay Bagra

Chief Finance

Prior to VOIZ, Sanjay has been with Planetasia, Schneider Electric, Manipal Hospital, Nous Infosystems and the latest being Campus Communities. Sanjay comes with over 20+ years of experience in finance and is currently managing treasury and investor relations